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Fractionalized Ownership

02 Token Concept

01  Logo Concept

03 Character Concept

For B20’s branding strategy, the main character combined the founder’s art and likeness. This use of personal branding helped ensure that the innovative product supported a unique graphic image for the business.

04 Illustrations

05 Typography

06 NFT Art Wallet Concept

This brand design concept conveyed both a secure platform and an advanced game for users. The associated inspiration was trading cards and the creative concepts.

As a branding agency, the wallet package required quality inspiration. As an art company, B20 offered an amazing source of examples and ideas for the branding design.

07 Social Media

Every social media website offers slightly different branding design options. The concept for B20 included Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

08 Memes

B20 also enlisted our branding agency for NFT art-specific memes. Each meme represents a creative trend that helps companies take their branding design to the world.

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