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Prize worth of CHF 10,000.

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The contest is open to any person who owns a company. The deadline for participation is midnight CET 31 August 2021 (Tuesday). Participation is free of charge. Participants of the contest can win one of the following two prizes:

The first prize is worth CHF 10,000, includes various services that the winner can choose, plus 30% discount in all other services.

The second prize is a 30% discount on all our services.

The first step is a free consultation with HW 61 specialist (remotely) to evaluate the company’s needs. On this basis, the services to be provided by HW 61 will then be defined. 

To all other participants, we will offer a 15% discount in all our services.

Don't miss the opportunity to grow, to innovate, and be one of those companies that claim to be modern, and send us the email with the phrase: "I am in" to:

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