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Company: Medi-Caddy Co

Location: USA, NY

Service: Packaging & Label design

Category: Medical & Pharmaceutical


In an emergency situation, nothing is more important than paying careful attention to essential patient information. That same information can occasionally be the difference between long-lasting health issues and successful treatment. Medi-Caddy is a system of organization that carefully stores prescriptions and emergency medical information that can be life-saving.



It was crucial for us to create a creative design for Medi-Caddy that was as multifaceted as the product itself. In every step of our design process, we prioritized visual elements that showcased order and dependability.


The visual structure

The visual structure created in our innovative design for Medi-Caddy communicates essential product information to potential customers. It also hints at the complexity of the system itself, evoking an image of the life-saving level of organization that the product provides in critical situations. Additionally, in order to suit the company’s brand image, we employed a clinical color palette to fit the medical background.

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