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Dolocan, a producer of CBD oil with a focus on medicinal and soothing properties, approached us with a unique challenge. They sought a modern label design that would emphasize the therapeutic aspects of their product, distinct from the recreational use often associated with CBD oil. The goal was to create a label that resonated with consumers seeking natural relaxation and represented the essence of the Dolocan brand.


Branding & Marketing Strategy

Label & Packaging Design

Graphic Selection

Tagline Development

Font and Color Scheme



The challenge at hand was to design a label that accurately reflected Dolocan's method of usage, which aimed to provide a sense of relaxation and herbal well-being. It was crucial to strike a balance between appealing to the target customer base and staying true to the Dolocan brand image.

Focus of the Design Elements

The design elements in Dolocan's label prioritize clarity. The modern label design adopts a fresh and streamlined approach, featuring easily readable fonts and an inviting color scheme. The contrast between stark white and soothing blue hues suggests a product that is both refreshing and medicinal. All fonts used are legible, conveying essential information to consumers.


Dolocan's final modern label design successfully embodies a clean and professional product image, highlighting the natural components used in their CBD oil. The design caters to customers seeking reliable relaxation methods and effectively transforms a simple concept into a powerful marketing tool, attracting a wide customer base.

Graphic Selection

In line with the product's medicinal category, the modern label design avoids flashy marketing techniques. Instead, it relies on understated elegance. Nature-inspired graphics were chosen to create a custom design that gently communicates the rejuvenating properties of Dolocan CBD oil, without overwhelming potential customers.


The tagline "Swiss Purity" serves as a bridge between the design's concepts of simplicity and soothing relaxation. This concise phrase effectively conveys the product's refined quality. By emphasizing the origin of the ingredients used, Dolocan instills trust in both the product and the brand itself, reassuring consumers of the quality and purity of their CBD oil.


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