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B - UP

B-Up, a prominent real estate company in Frankfurt, has been dedicated to facilitating tailored property matches between buyers and sellers since its inception. With a vision of providing advanced real estate solutions, the company has evolved into an industry leader, prompting the need for creative branding to elevate its status. The branding design sought to encapsulate B-Up's innovative mission, which continues to unite countless individuals with their ideal real estate opportunities.


Brand Startegy & Identify 

Brand corporate

Graphic Selection


The primary challenge in this project was to align the design elements with B-Up's innovative mission and vision. The task involved translating their commitment to personalized real estate solutions into a visually compelling brand identity.

Focus of the Design Elements

The design elements needed to emphasize B-Up's role in connecting buyers and sellers with precision and efficiency. This required selecting visual elements that conveyed trust, expertise, and a modern approach to real estate services.


The result was a striking brand identity that encapsulated B-Up's core values and mission. The design elements successfully communicated the company's commitment to tailored real estate solutions and its position as a forward-thinking industry leader.

Graphic Selection

Careful consideration was given to graphic selection, with a focus on choosing imagery and icons that symbolized trust, collaboration, and the dynamic nature of the real estate market. This involved selecting graphics that resonated with both buyers and sellers, fostering a sense of reliability and innovation.


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