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Introducing the transformative work for ZELV Health Sciences, a trailblazing endeavor that led to the creation of an innovative packaging design for their revolutionary anti-aging NMN supplements. By combining expertise with market insights, Our team successfully crafted a professional, compelling packaging solution that catapulted ZELV's product line to new heights. With a dedication to excellence and a knack for solving complex design challenges, our team continues to redefine the boundaries of impactful packaging within the medical sphere.


Innovative Packaging Design

Market Research and Analysis

Design Consultation and Collaboration

Branding & Marketing Strategy



Brillanz, a company specializing in anti-aging NMN supplements, presented us with the challenge of creating innovative packaging for their cutting-edge products in a saturated market. The aim was to establish credibility and convey the significance of the supplement to a consumer base wary of such products.


Through extensive audience research in the USA, it was revealed that the fear of aging motivated consumers to invest in preventive products. Leveraging this insight, Our team crafted a professional, credible packaging design, taking cues from market trends and the brand's identity.


The team created several sophisticated packaging concepts, aligning with the brand's standards and the product's simplicity. The final design featured a white backdrop with red accents, incorporating a minimalist layout and a professional geometric line drawing.


The innovative packaging design significantly contributed to Brillanz's success, leading to a substantial boost in sales upon launch. The company's social media campaign further amplified the impact of the design, solidifying its market presence.


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