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Company: Eat to Live

Location: USA, Florida

Service: Packaging design

Category: Food & Drink

Snack Food Situation

Eat to Live, an organic snack brand, was attempting to change that. Over the past several years, they’d introduced several lines of healthy snack foods to the USA market and received glowing reviews.

Making Snack Time Healthy

Eat to Live came to our Agency and had nothing but a price in mind. They didn’t know the best way to approach this project and hoped that we would be able to take the little inspiration they could offer and run with it, creating a truly creative and innovative ecological packaging design. They noted that few companies had attempted popularizing buckwheat cakes but were confident that their product was delicious enough to take off consumers would give it a shot.



When we began this project, we performed in-depth, advanced market research on health and snack food trends, noting the images, colors, words, and cost associated with them. We pored over examples of ecological packaging design.




Crafting Package Design that Sells

Eat to Live chose the above custom design.

  • Since most Americans are unfamiliar with buckwheat cakes, we thought it was important to prominently feature the product using a clear window.

  • For its colors, we used earth tones such as tan, brown, yellow, and green, communicating ideas of organic, all-natural health food without writing a word.

  • We made the text large and bold across the entire front of the ecological packaging design instead of trying to hide behind unfamiliarity with images and distracting text about flavor and ‘great taste’. This communicates confidence and encourages curious consumers to give it a try.


Once Eat to Live launched this line of buckwheat cakes, they were pleasantly surprised to see the response from consumers. Though it didn’t move as many units as their more traditional options, it did make a considerable contribution to their annual sales.

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