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Introducing Bono, the authentic Italian pizza brand that found its place in the competitive US market with our dynamic and innovative packaging design. By infusing a touch of Americana into their brand identity, we helped Bono create a professional, eye-catching packaging concept that resonated with pizza connoisseurs seeking both quality and affordability. Through our strategic approach, Bono's pizzas now stand out as a premium yet accessible option for pizza lovers nationwide.


Branding & Marketing Strategy

Visual Identity Development

Brand Positioning Consultation

Packaging Design



Bono Pizza, aiming to establish itself in the competitive US pizza market, presented the agency with the task of creating creative packaging that would distinguish its classic frozen pizzas for discerning connoisseurs. The challenge was to achieve brand recognition through innovative packaging design that conveyed the high-quality ingredients and affordability of the product.


Understanding the target audience's desire for high-quality, affordable pizzas, the agency chose a creative packaging design that resonated with American consumers. By utilizing a dynamic red and white palette against a deep blue background, the design evoked a sense of familiarity while standing out from typical Italian-themed packaging. The inclusion of pizza-colored glasses over a surprised pizza connoisseur, accompanied by the tagline "pizza purists," enhanced the professional look and communicated Bono's brand message effectively.


The creative packaging design successfully reflected Bono's vision and helped the brand carve a distinctive identity in the competitive US pizza market. By conveying a sense of affordability and quality, the design positioned Bono favorably against its competitors, appealing to pizza enthusiasts seeking premium yet affordable pizza options for home consumption.


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