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Company: SWISSGate

Location: Switzerland

Service: Branding, Label design

Category: Cosmetics & Beauty


  • Saturated market

  • Labeling requirements

  • CBD consumer bias



Identifying the Audience

In Herbalea Care’s original market, Germany, CBD is legal. However, it is still a niche product market with a particular audience. We examined which segments of the population were most likely to buy a CBD product. Then we researched the preferred packaging designs based on those demographics.


Competition in Hair Care

Hair care shampoo labels are not as easy as creating another label. The haircare market is intensely competitive, especially since shampoo, conditioner, and other products are an occasional purchase rather than a regular one. This issue meant that packaging needed to be outstanding and memorable, so that is a real hard challenge for shampoo label design.




Design Inspiration

The team first met for this project over the research, where we decided we were going to examine the label possibilities for sophisticated labels. We drew some inspiration from another Herbalea’s label projects since those suited the brand. We also explored many minimalist approaches before letting the label design team draft concepts.







So this shampoo label design work presented new labels for Herbalea Care exceeded expectations. The new label design was placed in production and entered the distribution network quickly. Herbalea Care reported that it saw a sales increase as customers became used to the new label designs as well.





The Deliverable

The Final Package:

  • Two creative custom bottle label designs 

  • Separate package design elements for reuse

We used a sophisticated combination of pink and rose gold to set off our minimalist design concept. This subtler combination conveyed the exceptional feel of the hair care products. We rounded the design out with easy to read text. We look forward to working with Herbalea Care again as the company brings new products to the market.

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