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"Agencies-strong network for quick insights "

Highway 61 is a top-rated world-class marketing and design agency, based in the heart of Switzerland - Zurich.The success of our agency keeps growing and further developing as we mark new milestones in our journey of evolving our expertise through building valuable experience to offer our customers. Since having gained our status as Design Rush Experts we have had the opportunity to dive, explore and offer our professional insights over different spheres of marketing and branding. As of lately, products design, graphic design, innovative packaging, branding and rebranding have been the center of Highway 61`s creativity.

Product design is a business environment where Highway 61 is a renowned professional. In 2022, with the increase in the importance of sustainability and creativity, many brands and businesses struggle to remain on top of their game. Alongside Design Rush, Highway 61 has been able to extend their reach of tips, trends, and innovation in the area of product design over 91 media outlets, and an estimated monthly audience of 76 million viewers, a number which grows continuously.

In March, Highway 61 landed 6th position on the finely selected list of expert agencies in product design selected by Design Rush and their partners.

Yet again, Highway 61`s expertise has captured the attention of the well-known and extremely credible media outlet: Yahoo Finance, alongside many other respected names in the industry such as: MarketWatch, Benzinga, WFMZ-TV, Canadian Insider, Business Chief, and many others.

If you are contemplating the current design of your brand and product, or if you are looking for an agency to design a product that you intent to launch soon, then you have come to the right blog post. At Highway 61 you will find the right team of experts, globally recognised for their expertise and knowledge in the area of product design and beyond. Highway 61 is the place where your brand will find the required creativity to deliver concept you intend to portray to your customer-base. Reach out through social media, or through Highway 61`s website form to get your quote.

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