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Brand Strategy VS Marketing Strategy — is there even a difference? Part 1 (1-2)

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Does it feel that brand and marketing strategies are the same things? Let's try to understand the difference between these two terms.

The goal of the brand strategy is to explain what is your business about and what it stands for: it's core values, purpose, mission and vision. This is important for building brand reputation and emotional connection with clients, so that the audience understands not only what they’re buying but also what is behind the brand.

Branding also helps to establish the internal relationship in the company. For example, brand guidelines, values and other components can make the work more efficient and keep everyone on the same track.

Marketing strategy is more about brand promotion. It also has certain goals which are more measurable compared to branding. Marketing strategy includes the target audience selection, competitor analysis, SMM, campaigns and much more. Marketing also looks at the current trends, season and other factors that can change the strategy.

Another significant difference between branding and marketing strategies is that the former is consistent and the latter is not. The brand identity should be consistent over the years, as it helps build strong relationships with the customer, whereas marketing tools, trends and approaches change and improve all the time.

However, as both branding and marketing help deliver the message to the customer and influence the relationship, they partially overlap. For example, all of the marketing activities should consider the company branding. For instance, when developing content for a sales strategy, one needs to make sure that the right brand personality is used.

The language the company uses is another example of branding and marketing standing close to each other, as the brand should decide on the particular language style (branding aspect) they are going to use for interaction with the audience in social media (marketing aspect).

What is the conclusion? For us, it is that branding and marketing strategies are not the same words and terms, but they obviously co-exist and help the company prosper. Without one of them it is highly difficult to reach consistency or achieve desired goals.

In Part 2 of this article, we are going to look more closely at the branding strategy and on its key elements!

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