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Highway 61 as Design Rush Experts

A B2B marketing agency such as Highway 61 is concerned with facilitating and building an innovative marketing process through which one firm promotes its goods or services to another. Our work is not limited to dealing simply with businesses but also dealing with customers. When the product of one company is required by another firm in order for that company to sustain or enhance its operations, business-to-business marketing with a view on business-to-customer marketing agency like HW 61, is necessary.

When designing marketing campaigns and suggesting new marketing ideas, as a creative agency we often have to dive into our creativity and explore the concepts of branding and rebranding with our clients. As branding experts or branding consultants, we act as a team that teaches customers about branding, including why they should engage their time and money in branding as well as how to apply branding procedures in the most effective way to generate traffic, sales, and revenue.

Our efforts in distinguishing ourselves and promoting ideas that stand out have been deemed extremely successful. Recently an article was written by one of our experts on the HW 61 team, where we discussed in detail the future of marketing trends and featured on Yahoo Finance, a lot of agencies and articles were written and featured but Highway’s was listed as the top 2nd in a list of 21 Expert Agencies.

The same article posted on Yahoo Finance, powered by HW 61, is now posted by CISION PRWEB, where HW 61 remains in second place. The traffic created over this post clearly demonstrated the success that Highway`s expertise has conducted in marketing trends, branding, and design

Moreover, founder and Chief of Marketing at Highway 61, Sandra Caetano as part of a Design Rush Press release titled: “The Top Emerging Digital Marketing Platforms and Tools Businesses Should Use in 2022, According to Experts”, where was asked for her professional input on the topic.

Her take on the matter can be found on the above-mentioned press release now posted on the Design Rush page.

A growing audience of 76 million viewers and 95 media outlets are proof of our growing success and distinguished capabilities.

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