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HW-61 has been validated as a Top Digital Advertising agency in Zurich, Switzerland by DesignRUSH.

We are excited to announce that Highway-61 has been validated as a Top Digital Advertising agency in Zurich, Switzerland by DesignRush as of October 18, 2021. It is a great distinction and striking accomplishment to be on the list of agencies suggested by an extensive and interactive marketplace such as that of DesignRush.

The platform operated by DesignRush is substantial, international, and interconnected, through providing researchers, project managers and potential clients with lists of several agencies appertaining to an astounding total of 50 countries.

Branding strategy, corporate and brand identity, social media strategy establishment and management, digital marketing, campaigns, advertising, and storytelling are only a few of the operations carried out with outmost experienced at Highway-61.

The responsible minds behind Highway 61`s aptitude for imagination, innovation and expansion of horizons are a highly experience, small-scale but smart-working and high-impact team under the leadership of Sandra Caetano, founder, and chief marketing officer at Highway 61.

It is an impressible achievement for Highway 61 to have their advertising and marketing operations be recognized, scored, and praised highly by Design Rush. What sets Highway-61 apart from competitors in the culturally diversified Swiss marketplace is precisely the team`s ability to meet the clientele`s requirements and expectations whilst producing fresh sets of ideas, original and strategic content. The broad experience of over ten years that the Highway 61 team possesses is what permits the agency`s work to be distinguished by not only clients but also by a renowned and professional B2B marketplace such as DesignRush. Highway-61 strives to stand out through serving as a representation of uniqueness, creativity, hard work and optimal vision for the future.

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