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It's 2023 and digital marketers, get prepared for a new era.

In a new letter to advertisers, Google reiterated that it still plans to phase out cookies on Chrome by the end of 2024 and provided updates on the development of its post-cookie "Privacy Sandbox" solutions.

This will mark the end of cookies. And more: Google has stated that the Sandbox mode is part of its efforts to improve user privacy and give users more control over their data. In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the amount of data that is collected about individuals by third parties, particularly through the use of tracking cookies.

The Sandbox mode could also improve the user experience by reducing the number of unwanted or irrelevant ads. In any case, the message from Google is clear: Act now. According to Google, there are three recommended solutions. First-party data (the likes of which we've seen in the clean room boom), contextual signals, and privacy-oriented APIs.

Ultimately, it is all about content, branding, and stronger customer relationships. So, let's start this cookie-less journey by improving your relationship with your customers now. Whether social media campaigns or building up a full-fledged customer journey strategy: Let's hop on our bikes and drive the Highway61.

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