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MBA with Access MBA- the NEXT step to become the NEXT you.

Many professionals believe that having an MBA is the next natural step in their career progression. Regardless of your business or area of professional specialization, an MBA may help you achieve your goals. However, considering the time and money investment, some people may ask if it's worth it to pursue an MBA. An MBA can assist people who want to work in management positions, with financial institutions, or as entrepreneurs to develop their leadership qualities, needed to thrive. A dedication to learning, refining, and implementing abilities that may help a firm prosper is demonstrated by completing an MBA program. Professionals with MBAs display a better feeling of self-assurance in their marketability and the quantity of knowledge they can contribute to diverse initiatives. These are only a handful of the benefits of earning an MBA.

MBA program

An MBA brings you into direct touch with students from all over the world, each with their own set of work experiences and viewpoints.

Professionals must be able to communicate effectively in order to succeed. While communication is a "soft talent" compared to "hard skills" like building a P&L model, it is no less important. An MBA may help you improve your verbal and writing communication abilities, allowing you to effectively communicate concepts to individuals at all levels of a company so that everyone can work toward a shared objective. Earning an MBA connects you to a global network of almost millions of alumni, allowing you to meet with renowned and knowledgeable individuals you would not have met otherwise. You'll have the chance to form relationships with other professionals in the classroom and beyond, in addition to becoming a part of a larger community. You will be involved in opportunities of expanding your business involvement, through creating partnerships. An advanced degree might help set a candidate apart from their colleagues in a highly competitive employment environment. An MBA may help you succeed in any field, from energy to consumer items to start-ups. Employers prefer to employ or promote candidates with an MBA because they have marketing and financial abilities that others in the company may lack. This enables them to jump right into numerous activities and assist their organization in increasing earnings instead of having to go through training to earn the experience and understanding of existing employees. Obtaining an MBA necessitates balancing extracurricular activities with a demanding school load, not to mention other personal and professional obligations. Obtaining an MBA may assist you in successfully managing your time, which is not only a desirable talent among employers but also an important life skill.

If you resonate on any level with the experience and the added skills that an MBA can bring to your professional life but not only, then Advent Group is the right place to go to. Advent Group is a global leader in online and offline personal educational events and meetings concerning the higher education sector. Advent organizes more than 220 events in a range of 61 different countries concerning over 80,000 MBA, EMBA and MA candidates every single year.

MBA program

In 2004, Advent Group founded Access MBA Tour, an online page which offers you a vast series of opportunities to attend one-on-one events and connect qualified candidates with admission directors through personalized face-to-face meetings both in person and virtually. The MBA Tour is present in more than 60 countries across Europe, Middle East, Latin America, North America, Asia, and Africa.

This Spring, Access MBA from Advent Group is coming to Switzerland to host their annual educational events in Geneva and Zurich.

MBA program Geneva

On April 2nd, at 9:30 AM CET, the registration desk at the chosen venue: Warwick Geneva Hotel, opens to all candidates interested in attending the personal meetings.

MBA program Zurich

On March 30th, at 16:30 PM CET, the registration desk at the chosen venue: Zurich Marriott Hotel, opens to all candidates interested in attending the personal meetings.

The list of the business schools attending these two events in the Swiss region, includes the following well-known educational entities:

· Alliance Manchester Business School

· Copenhagen Business School

· Duke University`s Fuqua School of Business

· Esade Business School

· ESCP Business School

· Emylon Business School

· ESSEC Business School

· ESSEC Executive

· HEC Lausanne

· HEC Paris

· Hult International Business School

· IESE Business School

· IESE Global Executive MBA

· IÉSEG School of Management

· IMD Executive MBA

· MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business

· University of Geneva

· University of St.Gallen

· University of Zurich

· Webster University

· WU Executive Academy-Vienna University of Economics and Business

MBA program

Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity to elevate your career and built your knowledge and experience to the next level. In order to attend the personal meetings that will take place, each participant is required you to register on the Access MBA page by filling out the form, completely for FREE.

Advent Group is also giving out premium prizes to few lucky participants at the event. Allow yourself to be one of those lucky participants by simply filling out a free form, showing up, and gaining information on the best possible choice of school and career degree for YOUR goals, and for YOUR future.

Head over to the links and sign up NOW:



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