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The Best Digital Marketing Trends 2021

This article is about trends in digital marketing that will help companies to involve customers in different activities and urge them to buy.

The world is unpredictable and changing but one thing stays the same - people. People, who want to buy to get pleasure and spend money to be unique. Nowadays, customers don’t want to enjoy nice advertisements, they also want to interact with brands and get involved in their activities. If you and your company don’t want to stay aside, you need to follow and adapt marketing trends. Think out of the box, be unusual, and creative – it’s a new anthem of marketing campaigns.

“Make your customers the hero of your stories” - Ann Handley

User-generated content became even more popular after the last year, and such advertising companies cost almost nothing. Such content promotes products and perfectly increases brand loyalty. All of us remember the campaign by Coca-Cola with printed names on bottles in 2011. It was very creative, innovative, attractive, and everybody wanted to get a bottle with his/her name on it. Nowadays, people switched to online, so Instagram and TikTok are having the leading positions in user-generated campaigns. One of the latest user-generated campaigns was launched by Adobe on Tiktok put as a link on the blog), where users could improve their editing skills through short videos made by 33 professional creators. Create challenges on social media, ask to tag your company, go viral, and become #1 to customers.

Dance challenges can be very viral, by the way. #fallontonight

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first” – Wendy Piersall

Content personalization is highly important. Everybody will agree that it’s more pleasant to get an email that starts with “Hello, Maria!” rather than “Nike greets you and wishes a good day!” The more personalized your message and products are, the more effective your marketing will be. Marketing trends are not only about entertainment and attractiveness, but they are also about respect and appreciation. For example, Nike offers the personalization of products and loyalty rewards. With the help of Nike’s 3D sneaker customization platform, customers can design their shoes, while the NikePlus loyalty program provides personalized benefits and unique product recommendations. We are sure that this marketing trend will become even more popular.

#nike is creating great things for customers, so they want to buy again.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” — Jeff Bezos

When do people want to share information? When they find something innovative, interesting, or exciting. Adding interactive content is a relatively new marketing trend that becomes more and more popular. Creating something entertaining is a great way to increase the value of a site visit for a potential customer and extend the time of stay or interaction with the website. Adidas was one of the first companies that introduced AR reality to customers through the app, where customers could try on Adidas shoes. Nowadays, technologies are developing faster, and companies try to mix AR and real life. One of the examples is Burger King that made banners in the UK with QR codes, so when people scanned them, they saw smoke that leads to the nearest Burger King restaurant. Such innovative approaches to marketing campaigns will improve online reputation as well. People will add reviews or comments about your company on various resources, so the information will be spread and people will talk about your brand.

#AR becomes more and more popular.

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