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What are NFTs and where to buy them:

#NFTs, #non-fungible tokens, are data units or unique codes, that enable a safe record of ownership on a blockchain architecture.

Non-fungible tokens are indeed unique, traceable, rare, indivisible and programmable.

A decentralized platform for trading and storing non-fungible tokens is known as an #NFTmarketplace.

It serves as a marketplace for users to buy and sell digital crypto art and other non-fungible goods.

It necessitates the use of crypto wallets by both buyers and sellers to complete transactions.

The NFT marketplace provides asset holders with strong ownership rights, immutability, and security.

Here you can find 3 of the best nft marketplaces :

  • Opensea

  • Rarible


To utilize and access an NFT marketplace, follow these steps:

⚠️ Fun fact: the most expensive NFT was sold for $69.3 million

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