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What is branding, and why should you hire a branding agency?

Branding is a business portfolio which brings together features such as a logo, design, mission statement, and a concept of consistency. The entirety of the following represents the feel and the core of a business. The main aim of branding is to build a brand which throughout all marketing communications will transmit a strong, favorable perception of the products, or services in the minds of customers. Branding, in itself is a process that gives meaning to a product or service offered by a company through shaping the brand in the client`s mind in a specific way to fit the company`s brand feel.

Branding is a way of identifying your business. A business is recognized by customers through the brand and the experience that they offer. A well-recognized brand is more than just a name or a logo — it's reflected in everything from customer service, to the font of the business cards, the marketing style as well as the business establishment.

Branding is what empowers a business to grab the ideal customer’s attention and build an industrial reputation. It’s branding alongside satisfaction that transforms first-time buyers into customers. It is safe to say the branding is a trend that is here to stay and take your business to the very next level.

A brand is a perception that is cultivated into actions that become an identification.

Designing a logo is branding, deciding on a slogan is branding. Choosing a name, a voice, a team of people, a campaign are all examples of branding. There are various elements that make up the branding of a business or company such as mission statement, brand values, logo, guidelines, name, website and additional assets.

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The question that arises is ;WHY? Why do we need branding?

First and most importantly the reason as to why every company needs branding, is because it is the most efficient, effective, and productive way of standing out amongst competitors. Nowadays, the industry is overflooded with multiple businesses in every sector, the easiest way to attract clientele is through standing out. Branding and brand identity are the focal points of enhancing brand reputation and offering stand out features to the concept of a business.

The second reason as to why branding is a crucial tool in every company`s strategy is because it builds recognition. The ability to be a recognized business is a metric of guaranteed success in today`s industry. Branding is made up of multiple components that altogether form the concept behind a brand. Each individual component is a chance at becoming a tool of recognition. Notable examples include distinctive logos such as Nike and McDonalds, other examples include widely recognized slogans such as “Open Happiness” and “Because you are worth it”. A name can also serve as a crucial part of brand recognition, often enough the name is what makes the brand, such as the case of Kylie Jenner and Karl Lagerfeld.

The third reason behind the importance of branding is the consistency created for the customer. Consistency is multidimensional. It may be derived from the sense of familiarity; it may be also derived from. The presence of a distinguished element that leads to a certain outcome. Consistency may be the synonym of a well-kept promise or a promising strategy. No matter what dimension consistency comes in, if it resonates with the customer on a repetitive level, it turns a first time buyer into a lifelong customer, - and that is branding done right.

Lastly, branding sparks a connection amongst the audience of loyal clients.


A returning customer means profit but a loyal customer with a brand connection equates to lifetime value. Once a customer feels the connection between a component of the brand and their personal values, aspirations, wants, needs and preferences then competitors cease to be a problem. It is hard to resonate with people on a personal level, however branding is a tool that best facilitates the formation of such connection. A notable example is Chanel and the emotional spark behind the brand`s heroic founder, whose fashion sense revolutionized the French fashion industry in the post-World War 1 era. Such a historical, emotional, inspirational connection between Coco Chanel`s story is the ideal branding element for marketers to rightfully incorporate the “spark” in their campaigns. A better brand means better marketing, and better marketing means an empowered business.

A branding strategy is adaptable to consumer needs, and while you may know your brand well, an agency understands your customer base best.

A branding agency can assist you in changing your mindset and pointing you in new areas that will help your organization stand out in an excessively crowded market.

Branding firms create distinct skillsets that you won't discover working with a digital marketing business or an internal marketing team, because branding is distinct from marketing.

A branding agency exists to give best-in-class research, strategy, and identity services.

Highway 61 is a creative marketing, branding and design agency. Offering their customers multidimensional areas of expertise, allowing Highway`s clients to receive a bundle of services from the same provider. Besides the advantageous benefit of working with a familiar provider that is well acquainted with the needs, wants and other goals of a business, there are a series of other benefits to hiring

Highway 61 as your branding agency:

· A strategic perspective

· Cross-industry expertise

· Unique and proven experience

· Ongoing brand management

In conclusion, as a necessary aspect of conducting business in 2022, branding is an area of a brand`s image and voice that cannot be undermined.

Trusting the right people is just as important as trusting the process of branding itself.

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