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We create campaigns that attract the attention of customers.

  • 45 minutes
  • Zürich

Service Description

Book Now a call with our team to get a 45 minutes free consultation. Brand Awareness Campaign The brand awareness campaign is used by advertisers who want to show ads to people who are more likely to remember them or buy their products. The brand awareness gives the calculated metric that shows how many people would remember the ad if we asked them about it within two days. Such campaigns also help to see what people think of your company compared to competitors. If you build a good brand awareness campaign, customers will come. People nowadays are more flooded than ever with marketing information, new businesses and brands, and advertisements. Your company must distinguish among others to be noticed and checked by customers. At the same time, you can't show this campaign to millions of people, when you have no idea who is going to read it. Untargeted campaigns are wasting money. The Highway 61 team researches your target audience, makes attractive visuals and writes catchy texts to get customers who will buy. We check what social media channels customers use more frequently, how much time they spend there, what are their interests. We track changes and results of the campaign and show it to clients in the end. With us, you will not spend money on wind, you will get the results.

Contact Details

  • Zürich, Switzerland

    +41 76 708 44 22

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