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Your Brand Strategy should never leave anybody wondering ‘so what?’

  • 45 minutes
  • Zürich

Service Description

Book Now a call with our team to get a 45 minutes free consultation. Brand strategy In the age of digitalization and social media, we must be unique, stand out from others, and impress people. What helps us to meet these criteria? We create the brand strategy to show what you stand for, the personality you express, and the promises you make. We connect companies to their customers, build brand awareness and offer extraordinary solutions. In Highway 61 there is no place and time for being usual, we stand only for creativity. The Brand is not only about logos, colors, and texts. It's also about emotions, feelings, and attitude. Showing your feelings is a new trend, and it is a must-have to be on the same wave with customers. In Highway 61, we are building your image and perception to stay in the minds of customers. Brand strategy is a trip that includes many obstacles, ups and downs, but the final destination is worth it. We deliver you from point A to point B, track the progress and connect you to the customers. Our mission is to show the world who you are, put you in the right place in the market, and transfer values to people. What is included in our services? - Clarifying major desired outcomes - goals, KPIs. This is the starting point where your journey begins. We set up clear goals together with clients and our workers to get the desired results. - Market segmentation - audit and review of competitors, clients, partners. Segmentation will put the company to the right place in the market and allow you to learn more about customers. - Defining the brand attributes (Culture / Community / Voice / Value / X-Factor). These attributes define the overall nature of the company and express the core values of the brand. - Internal Brand Positioning. In this positioning we are focusing on bringing the company's core culture, identity, and premise to its employees. - Customer Journey. We will help you to understand the habits, behavior, and thoughts that customers have, and improve the strategy to attract customers. - Community Building Goals. We will create steps we need to take to introduce the brand to various groups of people. - Efficiency Goals During this process, we will see how to improve productivity, time management, economic and resource efficiency.

Contact Details

  • Zürich, Switzerland

    +41 76 708 44 22

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