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It’s time to show the world who you are!

  • 45 minutes
  • Zürich

Service Description

Book Now a call with our team to get a 45 minutes free consultation. Corporate Identity Everybody has seen business cards at least once in his/her life, but do you remember them? Most of you will answer NO. This happens because our brain gets and processes a lot of information every day, so people can remember only 1-2 cards, the most memorable ones. But you need to have this kind of business card that will stay in the minds of customers. In Highway 61 we put all our effort to make companies stand out from others and not to be usual. We will bring you to the next level and show the world who you are! Our team is helping to increase brand awareness, improve brand strategy and positioning for your company to become more recognizable. We offer such services as: - Service Description. We are great masters of storytelling, and we can assist you with describing services. - Business cards. Business cards are highly important as people can carry a part of your company with them. - Envelopes. If you need minimalistic and stylish decoration for the envelope, our team will do this. - Letterhead. Keeping documents in one style is easier and more pleasant than just using Word. - Email signature. There is no need to sign your documents every time, you can just use a unique email signature. - Newsletter. Share your news in unusual and catchy templates. - Website. It is one of the most important parts of your brand, and we will help you to be memorable! - Social media identity (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter). Social media pages will shine like diamonds with the help of our team members!

Contact Details

  • Zürich, Switzerland

    +41 76 708 44 22

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